Lara Fox Active Wear came about whilst the founder, Lara, was downward dogging through a yoga class in Melbourne. Lara noticed a lack of options in yoga clothing and she wasn′t completely satisfied with the brand she had been patronizing (too much pilling and snooze-inducing colours).

It struck Lara that choice is a beautiful thing—but not just any old choice—not cheap, mass-produced, bland workout togs; instead, Lara dreamed of vibrant, top quality, high-performance active wear.

“Let exercise clothes be beautiful!” she decreed. “And durable!” she shouted. “And worth the money spent on them!” she followed up. After being shushed by her fellow yogis, Lara vowed to bring an abundance of gorgeous women′s clothing for yoga, Pilates, Zumba and the gym to Australia.

Welcome to Lara Fox Active Wear. We hope you make yourself at home on our site. We′ll keep you posted on where you can find Lara Fox clothing at local markets and pop-up sales.

We are proud to be the sole Australian retailer of Margarita Active Wear, high-quality workout clothes known for their dashing good looks and durability and made lovingly in Israel.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Happy shopping!